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Tridle is a popular 5-letter word-guessing game played online that is regarded as a Wordle version. Within eight guesses, players must try to solve three problems at once. You can put your skills to the test by moving on to this trickier form of guessing. The Tridle game is becoming one of the most well-liked and worthwhile games because of the creative word concept.

How do you play the Tridle game?

  • Finding three words or resolving three wordle puzzles on a single screen is the primary objective of the Tridle game.
  • If, you must find three consecutive words. When you enter a word, all three columns are filled in.
  • When letters match a word but are in a different cell, they become yellow to show this. If a letter turns green, it means that it perfectly matches the term and the relevant box.
  • If you can initially decipher two or three letters, the puzzle procedure will become easier.
  • Finally, you will win if you properly guess each of the three words.