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Hurdle Wordle

Hurdle Wordle game allows you to guess a five-letter word in 8 attempts. You will get hints regarding the quantity of accurate letters after each guess. In particular, Hurdle's problems are presented in a sequential order. In addition to the regular Wordle methods, Hurdle offers an option. 

How to play the Hurdle Wordle game?

The Hurdle game has basic rules. You must guess the hidden word in eight attempts. And each effort must include a genuine five-letter word.

The color of the letters will change after each try to indicate how close you are to the target word. 

The green box displays the number of correct characters in the correct position.

The quantity of correct characters in incorrect locations is indicated by the yellow box.

Letters may be repeated. The clues are independent of each letter. Every day, you can attempt to solve a new puzzle.